Books and Relationships


Well, it's been 18 months into an experiment, reigniting old friendships and getting in touch with colleagues, some from 20 years ago!). One of the great outputs has been learning so much about so many things. And Bill wondered if there was a way to share it. Right now I have a book queue of probably 50 books that I haven't yet read and I probably add 1-2 books per meeting with someone.

So for everyone who doesn't have enough to do, here's a list. I normally just dump the lists on Amazon since that application is just on my phone, but they have a cool public wish list feature (Note to Amazon types, you should make Idea Lists accessible from the Move to Wish List feature in the Shopping Cart, otherwise it's easiest to just have a Wish List which means something you want shipped to you, saves four clicks per book!).

So here's my List of Recommended Books From Great Friends.

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