Modesta m4, M3 and m2 and Sonax for your car

We got this Modesta ceramic coating and it is like your car is waxed all the time. It really look amazing but to maintain it, is a bit complicated.

But fun to know. Here are some tips:

  1. Do this when cool and not in the sun. You don’t the car drying in the heat!

  2. Clean the wheels first. Use the sonax wheel cleaner. You spray it on and then use their applicator sponge. Don’t let the junk dry. Also if you gave slot of cars you can get a big jug of the stuff. And refill your first bottle.

  3. Wash it off the use subscription multi cleaner. Use a microfiber brush to clean it. With a Tesla or any EV, I find the wheels don’t get too dirty because there isn’t much brake dust. Regen really works.

  4. Now rinse the car and spray multi cleaner on the front, back bumpers and lower panels. This breaks up the durst. Now get a foam cannon. This is a cheap device. You put some Sonax into the container and set it for 1/32 mix to get it all over.

  5. Hers the most important step. Mix in the Sonax wash and put 2 ounces onto a 5 gallon bucket with a grit guard. And fill another 5 gallon bucket with clean. Use a two gigantic hand mitt and just use the weight of the glove. Don’t press hard. You use the soap bucket to load the mitt then use the clean bucket. This keeps grit out of the mitt you don’t want to grind dirt into the paint.

  6. Start with the roof. Do one side with one the glove. Overlap 50% and just work over the surface. Rinse. then do the hood and front fenders on one side. Rinse after every side. Flip and do the other. The do the upper sides on the car and flip. The idea is you do half the car with one glove.

  7. Switch to the other glove and to the rear and fenders. I do the lower door last and the lower front and lower rear. You are basically going from cleanest to dirtiest. Not the other way around.

  8. The car should be pretty awesomely clean. So now take the M4 and spray onto the wet car. Take a new wet micro fiber and wipe so there’s a uniform coat. This softens the ceramic coating and makes it shine. Rinse. This softens the ceramic coating. Don’t do this too often as it is a softener. Maybe once a month max.

  9. If you have hard water spots. I usually do given our water especially if you didn’t dry properly. Take the M3 and spray it into a microfiber and wipe on the spot. Rinse. Repeat as needed. Be gentle

  10. Finally take the m2. And again put it on a microfiber and wipe and around. This is the hardener. Use this also if there is bird poop or other junk in the car lightly.

  11. Now it’s time to dry. Get a leaf blower and start at the roof and blow down. Work from the top to the bottom. I nearly always find a dirty spot or something I missed. M2 should take care of that.

  12. Finally take a microfiber and just use its weight to dry. Don’t press down.

  13. Now use invisible glass to clean the Windows.

Sounds complicated but I can normally do two cars in an hour 🙂

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