Month: August 2019

Buying a bed online in 2019 – New Apartment Part one

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In 2017, we got a bed online via Amazon. It turned out to be a great purchase with great satisfaction. So now it’s time to refresh the analysis and see what has changed. Using both Amazon reviews filtered by we see: Nod for Needle & Tufts Full Sized. They were one of the pioneers…

Argh WordPress Site down due to DNS Misconfiguration

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Well the Bluehost site was a pain, but didn’t have this kind of instability. So now trying to figure out what is wrong. This took a long while, but tl;dr, look at your DNS configuration sometime. But here is the debugging and the main notes are to use curl -v extensively to look at Apache2 rewrite,…

Apple Card, free cards and credit ratings

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Well, that was easy. If you get an invite at then you pretty quickly get an email allowing you to enter. It is really just a few clicks on your phone. You get it by hitting + in your Apple Wallet. It gives you 3% back on Apple purchases and 2% back on Apple Pay purchases….

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