Frequent Flyer and Mileage expiration

Ugh, this is one of the nightmares of having lots of frequent flyer and hotel programs. This is the untold story of my life. I don’t know how many zillions of points and miles I’ve lost by not paying attention. Here are the tricks: Sign up for AwardWallet. They often have sales, but for about […]

Buying a bed online in 2019 – New Apartment Part one

In 2017, we got a bed online via Amazon. It turned out to be a great purchase with great satisfaction. So now it’s time to refresh the analysis and see what has changed. Using both Amazon reviews filtered by we see: Nod for Needle & Tufts Full Sized. They were one of the pioneers […]

Check your clock is 2FA or OTOP fails

OK here is a strange one. On one of my MacBooks, suddenly neither Authy nor 1Password One Time Passwords were working. They would be completely different from my other devices. After spending time with Authy support and not being able to find anything, I saw one strange thing. The clock on my MacBook was off […]

Argh Sony WH-1000M3 Bluetooth Pairing

Why does every device have their own idiosyncrasies on this? Ok, here are the instructions for a Sony WH-1000MX. Turn the thing off with the power button Press and hold the button for seven seconds Look for the blue LED to blink rapid twice, then wait, then twice again. If the headphone is just one […]

Argh WordPress Site down due to DNS Misconfiguration

Well the Bluehost site was a pain, but didn’t have this kind of instability. So now trying to figure out what is wrong. This took a long while, but tl;dr, look at your DNS configuration sometime. But here is the debugging and the main notes are to use curl -v extensively to look at Apache2 rewrite, […]

Guide to buying an Electric Vehicle: EV Redux 2019

Well it’s complicated to explain what to think about when buying a car. First of all it’s the second largest investment that anyone is going to make and it is not like a phone. It is an asset that will last years. But, advice has never been more important because so many things are changing […]

Apple Card, free cards and credit ratings

Well, that was easy. If you get an invite at then you pretty quickly get an email allowing you to enter. It is really just a few clicks on your phone. You get it by hitting + in your Apple Wallet. It gives you 3% back on Apple purchases and 2% back on Apple Pay purchases. […]

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