Wow new iPad

Wow new iPad

I can’t quite believe I lived without a 12″ iPad for so long. Finally got one after they put faceid into it. They are about to update it again with a third camera, so it is best to hold off, but when they do announce it here are the things that you should get for it.

Made it much easier to integrate and it works super well. Some notes on the first hour of using it and things to get

  1. Make sure to use an American Express Platinum card if you have one. This gives you an extra year of full warranty. Just keep the electronic receipt. And when you have a repair after the warranty period, you literally just send to Amex
  2. Make sure to get AppleCare. I got the $129 package. On amazon at the time there was a $200 sale and when you buy AppleCare at the same time they add it automatically to your iPad without any work. It actually appears in settings/general/about. And tells you the last date of the warranty. Now that is cool integration.
  3. While expensive, I did get the cellular because I really want this to be the use and don’t worry device. It’s more but a good option particularly in the world of 4G modems. This is an esim unit so you don’t even have to stick a SIM card into it.
  4. It’s a beautiful screen and a scratch it sort of a crime. So spend $20 before you get the thing and you won’t worry about scratching.
  5. Apple Smart Keyboard Folio (for iPad Pro 12.9-inch, 3rd Generation, US English) – MU8H2LL/A Wow I tried it in the Apple store and I was sure if I would like it but in many ways it feels nicer than the MacBook butterfly keys. It does protect the back and acts as a stand. I’m mainly confused how you use it just as a tablet since the keyboard is against the surface.
  6. T-mobile activation. It’s $20 a month for unlimited data and also supports 3GB or so of high speed hot spotting. It’s expensive, but it works. And it incredibly useful.
  7. The Apple Pencil is expensive at $129 but definitely worth it.
  8. If you get it, then you can store in your bag or get the Fintie Pencil Holder with USB Adapter Pocket for Apple Pencil (1st and 2nd Gen), Premium Vegan Leather Case Sleeve Pouch Compatible with Apple iPad Pro, iPad 6th Gen Cases, Black
  9. amFilm Glass Screen Protector for iPad Pro 12.9 inch (2 Pack) (2018 Model, 3rd Generation Only), Tempered Glass, Ultra Sensitive, Face ID and Apple Pencil Compatible (2 Pack). These fit well and are wonderful for protecting the screen.
  1. Klearlook Screen Protector Compatible with 2018 New iPad Pro 12.9 inch, Back Skin Protector 3 Packs [No-Bubble] Back Cover Sticker for iPad Pro 12.9. This is a back protector and it works with the iPad Pro Keyboard. It is barely visible and fits well.
  2. USB C Charger [GaN Technology], Anker 30W Ultra Compact Type-C Wall Charger with Power Delivery, PowerPort Atom PD This is a general USB C Charger but is super compact and works with iPhone Xs/Max/XR, iPad Pro, MacBook 12”, Pixel, Galaxy S10/S9+/S9/S8. It uses GaN technology so it’s is really small.

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