Frequent Flyer and Mileage expiration

Ugh, this is one of the nightmares of having lots of frequent flyer and hotel programs. This is the untold story of my life. I don’t know how many zillions of points and miles I’ve lost by not paying attention. Here are the tricks:

    Sign up for AwardWallet. They often have sales, but for about $10 a year, you can keep track of this stuff.
    Put all your frequent flyer miles into this. It will take a while. You can do for you and your family, but it is worth it.
    Once this is done, it will login for you and check to see when things are expiring and then you won’t lose miles again.
    When the miles are 90 days from expiration, it will send you an email. Pay attention to it!
    United is the only one that doesn’t participate, you can fix this by

Here are some notes on various programs:

    American Airlines and Alaska Airlines. They all have expiring miles. The easiest way (other than flying.
    United just announced they don’t expire and neither does JetBlue. This is actually pretty great
    All hotel reservations folks do as well.

So what do you do if you expiring miles:

  1. For most airlines, you can contribute 500-1,000 miles to a charity
  1. If you have time then you can use their mall where you can buy a magazine or something.

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