Tightening up Github Security

Many of these providers now have a regular security update and I just got one from Github. So if you use it and have sensitive code up there, here are the things to do by browsing to the Github security page. https://github.com/settings/security Authentication recovery. They have a new place where you can connect your Facebook […]

Incredibly lame hole in Apple systems you can’t sync audiobooks into iCloud

You have to still use USB and iTunes to do this or pretend your book is music. Apparently, if you have a set of MP3s that are book from outside of Apple, then here are your choices if you don’t want to have this problem: Remark the type from Audiobook to Music which messes up […]

Instamemories guide to real time photo and video sharing with iPhones in the deep woods

Now that everyone has an iPhone. I’ll cover dealing with Android next Take Photos Live and Airplane Mode OFF The most confusing thing is the number of different ways to share things. But assuming that you have IOS 13 on your iPad here’s what to do. This assumes that you are remote and there is […]

Looking at EXIF data on an iPad

apps.apple.com/us/app/exif-metadata/id1455197364 Well amazing, it seems like it is impossible to actually look at the EXIF or meta data in the JPEGs and photos that you have. That makes it hard to really detailed editing and to see the resolution of photos. Instead, you have to use a third party application to do this. https://apps.apple.com/us/app/metapho/id914457352 is […]

Jumpstarting a new organization on Github

Well this is always a little complicated, but some notes on doing this: If you are non-profit, Github actually provides you with a free organizational membership. You just send them an email and then a copy of your IRS tax status and you get upgraded. When you create your first repos, you will find that […]

Synology IP Camera Hang due to Ublock Origin

Talk about strange interaction. We have a bunch of IP cameras (Ok, we have two, but one is completely dead, not sure why). And I tried to access it from the Synology NAS. First of all, make sure you are using Chrome, it doesn’t seem to work with Safari, but also this time I ran […]

Gigantic micro LED 219 inch diagonals

Well the future is coming. These are very different technologies. Instead of backlights and dimming, these TVs use individual LEDs in an array. So super expensive today but it means that they can scale to literally any size. See www.anandtech.com/show/13850/samsung-at-ces-2019-219inch-and-75inch-micro-led-ultrahd-tvs-demonstrated

Tesla Model S may have beaten Porsche Taycan by 20 seconds of Nürburgring Nordschliffe

If this is true it is an incredible achievement. This is with a future power train with three motors to ship next year called Plaid. I want one now 🙂 And there is some speculation that the actually timed lap will be faster. That’s because this time was done with other cars on the road, […]

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