Incredibly lame hole in Apple systems you can’t sync audiobooks into iCloud

You have to still use USB and iTunes to do this or pretend your book is music. Apparently, if you have a set of MP3s that are book from outside of Apple, then here are your choices if you don’t want to have this problem:

  1. Remark the type from Audiobook to Music which messes up your music. This will work as long as the bit rate is above 96kbps which most books are not.
  2. You can now use the iCloud document storage, so stick the files into the files area on your Mac and they will appear in the Files application. There is a primitive audio player in the Files thing that handles this, but it only does one MP3 at a time and you have to set the audio output in the Music application as it doesn’t have that icon. Very clunky

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