Podcasting getting started

Well it seems like everyone is doing it so I thought I would start too. It won’t be complicated to do a weekly show. I figure I’ll just put into

Of iPhone Cases and Wallets

Well with the new iPhone 11 coming out, it’s time once again to talk about cases and things. I don’t know if we will get them (as we love our

Using the Apple Credit Card tips and tricks

First of all as a free credit card, if you can control your spending then it makes sense to get the free ones. It increases your credit longevity in the

Saving the world one soda bottle at a time

OK, Catherine guilted us into it. Rather than buying bottled soda water or anything like that, why not just use a Sodastream and fire it up. We had already switched

Tv recommendations 2019

Yes just need to redo. Short story is the lg OLED are the highest quality with amazing color contrast. First is 8k As with 4K, content lags and u need

Traditional Coated 193 – 399nm Bandpass Interference Filters

Sam just asked me, if I have a robot sensing system that is looking for a laser reflection. It is the perfect system for detecting Terminators or Robocops 🙂 You

Western Digital debuts 18TB and 20TB MAMR disk drives – Blocks and Files

Holy crap. In the time it took me to get ready to put 10TB drives into our NAS array, the industry is moving to 18TB. They will be expensive but

Lake O’Hara Alpine Circuit

This is supposed to one of the best if not the best hike in all the Canadian Rockies. Inafarawayland.com said it was number 2 and AllTrails folks think it might

Argh iOS Bluetooth connects but won’t play audio

Well this has happened on both iOS 12.4.1 for our iPhone X and iPad Pro. With the Sony WH1000M3 and the Apple AirPod, if you connect it to an iOS

The Best Bike Helmets

Well first of all, any bike helmet is better than nothing. I don’t want to admit the number of times I get on a Lime or Jump bicycle without a