First time in a long time I’ve wanted to play a video game


I got bored of video games about five years ago. They just all seemed the same. I used to love the realistic simulations of things. The original F-15 Strike Eagle (designed by Sid Meier and shipped by Microprose) was amazing. In fact, you can still run this game as F-15 Strike Eagle III on Windows 10? I spent hours just flying over Baghdad literally. The F-16 simulation was equally amazing and hard to use and you can now download it as well F-16 Aggressor and run it on Windows. Any modern Windows laptop should be able to handle it.

But perhaps my favorite was Harpoon which Larry Bond did and Tom Clancy in one of his novels, Red Storm Rising, used it to simulate the battle for the Atlantic. I still remember staying up to 4AM reading that one. Or the original Ghost Recon where you literally had to just sneak around.

But the very best one was the original Call of Duty and Call of Duty 2. I remember not being able to believe how realistic the single player was. Then there was Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare which really had me. Of course since then, CoD has become bunch of bunny hopping scenarios that are mass shoot them all free for alls. And in the latest versions, they've even deleted the single player mode.

But with the latest reincarnation of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, it does seem like single player is back and better than ever. And now I'm really wishing I had a PC that would really do it justice. It's available as well on the PS4 and Xbox, but apparently you really need a modern PC to enjoy the ray tracing and graphics. Got to get to work building another gamer box 🙂

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