Tips for getting public Wifi to work

OK when you are traveling, you are going to hit a couple of strange situations. Here’s a tip list on what to do and to avoid when you are using

SD cards for Sony A7R III

Well I need some more SD cards and I forgot them for this trip so what to get for a Sony A7R III. First thing is that they have two

The Final Day Autodesk Information Letter 14

OK, in the continuing mission to archive all that is interesting. This comes from ancient history, but I remember reading this memo to this day. John Walker was the founder

WordPress Database errors on DigitalOcean

The new droplet on Digital Ocean has been working really well. Much faster than bluehost, but I am getting an outage about once every two weeks. The droplet seems to

Taking screen shots on iOS and PadOS

Well there are many new things in IOS 13, but one of the nice things is the markup tools. Now when you take a screenshot on your ipad, by pressing

VW EV Decoder Ring

Hat tip to Apple News ( and to Fossbytes ( for explaining the various platforms that VW is going to use over the next few years. To review Tesla platforms

How To Connect iPhone Or iPad Files App To Mac Via SMB [Tutorial] – iOS Hacker

In this step by step tutorial we will show you how you can enable SMB and use your iPhone or iPad’s Files app to access the files stored on your

Turn a zip lock bag inside out and make a double bag explains that you can make a double sized ziplock really easily, just turn one inside out and you can put a double length thing inside. Really smart.

Ubiquiti Unifi Controller 4.11.47 and Java Runtime nightmare

Wow such a small change, such a big nightmare. The Unifi Controller is dependent on the right Java runtime. Oracle has been constantly tightening their licensing, making it harder and

Thoughts on the iPhone 11 Pro as a Camera Replacement

Wow, well as usual, Apple announced their latest iPhone and their focus on the camera and battery life are pretty incredible. The new iPhone Pro supports simultaneous video recording with