Thoughts on the iPhone 11 Pro as a Camera Replacement


Wow, well as usual, Apple announced their latest iPhone and their focus on the camera and battery life are pretty incredible. The new iPhone Pro supports simultaneous video recording with a feature called Multicam. In fact with the Pro, it can record four video stream simultaneously. This is super cool for being able to seamlessly switch between different zooms and if you are doing interviews, you get both the interviewer and the subject at the same time.

Also with the iPad Pro (2018), iPhone XR and XS, you get two camera recording which is pretty cool too.

While I’m not sure anyone needs this phone if you already have an iPhone X or XS, it sure is a nice upgrade. The biggest benefit is that it reduces even further the need for a dedicated dSLR.

The other cool features are night mode which uses the three cameras in an iPhone 11 Pro to do enough image processing to really handle low light conditions better. This is one area where the very small sensors in the phone have really fallen down, but with three lenses and computational photography, that is getting to be a much smaller problem 🙂

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