Using fonts on an Google Slides and iPadOS and iOS with Keynote

Normally I use Google Slides for most presentations. You can add any Google Font to it with more fonts. And if there are fonts which are not there then you can use the Extensis add-on for other fonts.

I also recently got a Keynote presentation. This is a downloadable thing. But when you load it, it doesn’t embed fonts inside it, unfortunately. So you have to integrate more and download the fonts. So How To Geek explains the steps are:

  1. Download iFonts which is a free AppStore thingy
  2. If it’s a Google font then to go Get Fonts and do a search. After you select the fonts, scroll way up and to the right and look for the Download icon. (This is very hard to find and is not visible in the default window)
  3. If it isn’t there use a tool like which downloads a .zip. You can use the Files app unzip it then iFonts to browse it

Now you need to install the font and this is difficult:

  1. Go to the Files tab of and pick install for the font you want.
  2. IFont will package them up into a profile and you use Settings to install it and this adds the font for Keynote and other iOS applications to use.

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