Google Colab with Private Repos in Other organizations

Well, I’ve tried a number of other hosted Jupyter environments from Google AI Platform Notebook to Saturn and I keep coming back to Google Colab for one reason mainly: We don’t have things that are that complex (yet!), so simplicity is key and Colab is just so simple to use with everything you need already […]

Merry Xmas Eve and update on dongles (and fires)

OK, a quick report on my life with dongles and other attachments for MacBooks. Suffice to say these dongles definitely have a spotty record for me. Most of the time they seem to work fine if you leave them plugged in, but it’s detection that seems like the problem (and the occasional burnout, see below). […]

Quick Take Xmas Gifts: Keyboards Mikes, Hubs and Mice in 2020

Well, I seem to have bought just a boatload of different keyboards, microphones and mice in 2020. The first world problem of staying at home for the last seven (?!!) months have led me to become the foremost expert on various junk like this. so here’s a flash review of what seems to work and […]

Keeping NordVPN going on MacOS High Sierra

Well, it’s probably a testament to Apple hardware design that I regularly end up with machines that are perfectly functional but no longer get updates. A good example is the Mac Mini 2011. It is nearly 10 years old yet still runs just fine for basic tasks like typing this blog entry, but it is […]

Road Trip Records, Tesla notes and important tools

Since getting our Tesla’s it’s been massive road trip city. Previous with gasoline cars a drive of 10 hours would leave me complete exhausted. Pre-Tesla Records The first really long trip sans parents I ever took was from NJ to Hilton Head Island. That was an epic 757 miles with two people splitting the driving. […]

Miracle things you can do with Namecheap for free

I have always though of Namecheap as an inexpensive registrar with an amazing search function for finding domain names. Their beast mode let’s you browse literally hundreds of top level domains and they automatically generate names for you by adding prefixes like “try” or by deleting suffixes. But there are quite a few other things […]

Air cleaners redux on Molekule and review vs BlueAir Blue Pure 211+

Well we’ve got everyone in our extended family air filters. We ended up getting a HEPA filter made by BlueAir called the Blue Pure 211+ for $300 at Amazon. I can’t actually tell if it works, but it is quiet. The other company that has gotten buzz has been Molekule. They have an additional filter […]

Finally fixed overscan on a LG C9 or CX

I don’t know if this will work for other displays but I’ve never been able to get an LG to scan properly. This has worked without adjustment for most Samsung television that I’ve used. While some folks on Reddit say to turn Pixel Shift off, this is called Screen Shift and lives in Settings > […]

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