AWS Route 53 and .AI Domain weirdness


I've been slowly moving my organizational stuff to either AWS or Digital Ocean and just had a strange thing. Normally it's pretty simple. If you have Namecheap, you just to to Route53 on AWS, choose create Hosted Zones. This is their name for a Domain Name.

You will get some NS records which are four domains that are the distributed DNS servers that AWS uses to make sure things are reliable. These have random names pretty much.

Then go to Namecheap and choose Custom DNS and copy them in. Note that there is one oddness, AWS uses the correct form where there is a trailing period, but Namecheap uses the common form without it.

Normally this just works, but I've never actually done this with a .ai domain. These domains are not supported by AWS, but Stackoverflow thinks they will work just fine.

At least for me, this isn't true, when I use a lookup tool like, I never get a valid domain lookup. I'm going to try to delete and reinstall, but if this doesn't work, I'll have to give Digital Ocean a try. Strange. Updates soon.

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