More Self-Quarantine Options DoorDash, and Drizly

OK, with self-quarantine the new meme, here are some notes about how to minimize contact:

  1. In Singapore, when you go out, you leave your shoes at the door, change out and wash your “outside” clothes and switch to indoor clothes.
  2. I already posted about ordering stuff (TL;dr, Costco, Instacart, Amazon Prime Now, then Amazon Prime, then Amazon Fresh).
  3. But there are somethings that are hard to get, so if you really want some fresh food, try DoorDash. Make sure you specify, no contact delivery, wipe down what you get with a wipe and if you have a Chase Sapphire Reserve card sign up for two years of DoorDash+. Get something that is hot as well, nothing like some Pho. And Chase offers $60 of free credits in 2020 and another $60 in 2021. And because of the crisis, they are offering free delivery for many small restaurants.
  4. OK, you may need some of the “hard stuff”, sign up for Drizly and get $15 off then you can have some good alcohol delivered to your door in an hour or so. Again, wipe off the bottles, but good Vodka like Grey Goose and Belvedere isn’t expensive and you are helping local businesses too doing this.

And in all cases, leave a nice tip, those Dashers and Drizler’s are working hard.

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