Covid and Helping Others Part I

Well hopefully everyone is ok, but there are millions who aren’t. Here are some notes about what you can do to help others. Not a comprehensive list, but some good resources:

  1. OpenTable Gifts has a limited number of restaurants that take their gift cards. For now, they are eliminating all fees to the restaurants, so not a bad way to pay it forward. It is nearly impossible to find that URL and very few take it but the easiest thing to do. There are only 16 restaurants in Seattle that support it, so if you know a restauranteur, maybe they can sign up and explain on their website and on social media.
  2. Support Restaurants. As Bloomberg reports there’s a group trying to do a bond program. You get a 25% return if you buy a “bond” now to use for food later. Not as beneficial as a gift card, but maybe it will encourage more folks to contribute if there is a return. There are about 250 in the US and some more internationally, so maybe pretty small. And it will require more signups, but people’s hearts and in the right place.
  3. Seattle Foundation Covid-19 Response Fund. This is for the disadvantaged and folks who don’t have the resources to ride this out. They’ve already raised $13M which of course is a small amount given the crisis, but every little bit helps.

I’m sure there are way more and I’ll try to keep list up to date 🙂

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