Tuning Ethernet Performance on Dell Alienware Aurora R8 with Qualcomm 802.11ac Adapter

Ok got a Zoom call coming up and want to make sure to have maximum bandwidth. This machine kept on falling back to using 2.4Ghz, 802.11n with 72Mbps maximum. The way to fix is pretty arcane. you have dive into `Device Manager` and twiddle with the advanced parameters for the Qualcomm adapter:

1. Set preferred band to 5Ghz. This didn’t seem to do anything. By the way when you change this it causes the Wifi network to turn off.

2. Set the Wireless mode to number 10 or `11 a/n/ac` which is just the 5GHz band

The result is that Speedtest when from 30Mbps up/4Mbps down to 142Mbps up and 7Mbps down!

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