Life in Wartime: Training at Home

Well, it doesn’t look like we are getting to the gym anytime soon and the thought of running or biking around when this virus is everywhere doesn’t seem smart. So it looks like it’s finally time to set up a decent home gym that has the minimum of stuff that I need:

  1. We have some stairs, so walking up and down them seems inefficient, but kind of works for low impact.
  2. Bicycle trainer. Walking the stairs doesn’t get aerobic conditioning up, so finally, time to figure out what trainer to get and the goodies that go with it.
  3. Some resistance bands and small weights make sense too.

Bicycle Trainer

Brad, Steve, Mike and just about every other biker I know swear by this so finally time to get on the bandwagon. Looking at DC Rainmaker, there’s an REI 20% off sale happening now, so not a bad choice (and they deliver). So what’s to pick? Well, for the upper mid0range, where you have a direct drive trainer so you don’t need to worry about tire pressure, the two choices are according to DC Rainmaker and then he has a great pricing and deal sheet:

  1. Wahoo KICKR Core. This is actually the 2017 version of the Wahoo Kickr and is really nice. Pricy at $900 of course, but if I train enough worth it. The Elite Suito actually seems like a better deal since it also includes a cassette and a month of Zwift, but it’s not available until May which is a bit late.
  2. Wahoo KICKR Mat. You need something to catch all that sweat. The $70 mat seems like a decent choice.
  3. Wahoo Front Wheel Block. So the thing doesn’t bob around. I can’t believe it is $20 for that thing. Although you can get an off-brand one from GEEDIAR for $14.
  4. A cassette, yes you have to remember how to use (and where to find) your cassette tool and put on there.
  5. Power meter. I’m not completely clear on this, but it doesn’t seem like you actually need one as it is calculating resistance. They also give you a cadence and wheel speed sensor too I gather.

Then there are the extras that make things really nice:

  1. Wahoo Bike Desk. This is $250, but it’s the right height for your laptop so you can run Zwift for fun and Trainer Road when you want to sweat. This seems like a lot and there are definitely off-brand ones you can get like the RAD Cycle one for half the price.
  2. Wahoo Headwind. This is another $250 and it is actually controlled by your heart rate. Another thing you don’t really need but kind of nice.
  3. Wahoo Climb. You take your front wheel off and you can pretend you are really going up Alpe d’Huez. For $600, it all sounds like a bit of overkill.

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