Gmail not activated for Gsuite because of high load

Ok file this in the department of strange things. With so many people working from home Gsuite is just jammed. In bringing up a new Gsuite account (for yet another company), I ended up in a strange loop. I would login to gmail and it would say “This account does not have Mail activated” and then throw me back to the gsuite console.

Turns out that after an hour wait for a chat. Which definitely wasn’t bad since I could just watch the chat window. A very nice person named Kimberly told me that this was because on their backend, activations from Gsuite to Gmail were behind, so I was in a never never land. The solution is to:

  1. Create a new temporary user.
  2. Make that user a super admin
  3. Then login to gmail and make sure that this works.
  4. Delete the existing user
  5. Then rename the temporary to the new one.

This had the effect of jumping the queue and now all works. Thanks Kimberly!

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