Zoom Security Part Trois

Ok, so here’s the final things about making Zoom work:

  1. 2FA. Make sure you have two factor authentication on, but this is actually pretty complicated because it’s really at its heart an enterprise product. So there are three separate steps, first even though you probably have a personal account, there is the concept of an administrator separate from you as a user. Even though this is a personal account. So go to the web portal and then in the section called Admin >> Advanced >> Security and click on Two Factor Authentication for all users (of course you are really the only one). Now you need to logout and then you will see the 2FA request.
  2. Make sure you leave on the default to always create a meeting with a password. And for each meeting, use a different URL and make sure password is enabled.
  3. Turn on authentication required, so people have to login to Zoom for them to use it. This is a more difficult default, but it makes sure that impersonation is a lot harder.

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