Qi Charger Buying Guide

Well now that I’m spending so much time at home (who isn’t), there always seem to be some things that were optional but which seem like necessities. One of them is never having to plug your phone in. So with Qi chargers getting so cheap, it makes sense to have one on every desktop. Here […]

Do not use MacOS Calendar on Catalina

You would think that after 50 years of the calendaring madness that it would end, but with two non-profits, a for-profit and two personal calendars, like is just not easy and conflicts are happening everywhere. So starting at 2AM last night, I finally resolved to try to fix this problems, but the main issue is […]

COVID-19 Music

OK, in these times, sometime it seems like a good music playlist is just so vital, so here are some that we’ve been listening to: Hotel Costes Curated Lists. If you sometime need to feel like you in the 1st arrondissement of Paris, there is nothing like the playlist that this cool boutique hotel has. […]

Memorial Day Sales and buying HomePod, AirPod Pro

Well there are some decent Memorial Day sales, but when you are buying electronics, you also have to pay attention to obsolesce because sometimes the reason for the sale is that they are going to get rid of the product. So with that said, what are some pretty good deals here, so using the MacRumors […]

What happens if a submodule repo name changes

OK this is kind of an edge case, but if you have a submodule and someone upstream changes it’s name, what should you do? First you probably want to change the location of the module, so you can now just do a git mv old_name new_name and it will be correct in your directory. Then […]

iPhone SE vs iPhone 11

Wow Apple has actually made it pretty hard to figure out what to buy. The iPhone 11 is pricey but has premium features. I think that for most regular users, the iPhone SE is super compelling if you really need a new phone. And of course we are about 4-5 months away from the iPhone […]

Getting Mail to work properly from WordPress

Well this has always been a little bit of a mystery to me. When you work with WordPress, it eventually does like to send mail to folks as an administrator. How do you make this work. If you are using Amazon AWS Lightsail, the default Bitnami image has something called WP Mail SMTP preloaded. You […]

Using Zoom with Slack

Well this a cool feature, you can just say /zoom meeting standup and it will automatically create a Zoom call from within Slack. There are a few tricks though: Connect to Slack with your main administrator account so that you are not using a personal one if you are in a corporation. Then you have […]

Vuescan hangs on Calibrate with MacOS Catalina probably due to Grain Dissolver

I had this problem a few years ago Sierra, but Vuescan, an image scanner, hangs on calibrate and results are wrong. I never did get to the bottom of it and just switched to USB from Firewire, but how it is back. I think it is probably some bad parameters, so how to reset Vuescan […]

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