Using Zoom with Slack

Using Zoom with Slack

Well this a cool feature, you can just say /zoom meeting standup and it will automatically create a Zoom call from within Slack. There are a few tricks though:

  1. Connect to Slack with your main administrator account so that you are not using a personal one if you are in a corporation. Then you have to loosen up the settings so you don’t always have to logged into that account to make a meeting happen.
  2. You have to set these at the website not in the Zoom applications. Go to settings
  3. You have to make sure to set, the follow, “Allow Join Before Host”
  4. Then all the way down, make sure to unset “Waiting Room”

This opens things up enough. There is still a password required which you have to manually enter, but it is pretty good. Basically two clicks for users.

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