COVID-19 Music

COVID-19 Music

OK, in these times, sometime it seems like a good music playlist is just so vital, so here are some that we’ve been listening to:

  1. Hotel Costes Curated Lists. If you sometime need to feel like you in the 1st arrondissement of Paris, there is nothing like the playlist that this cool boutique hotel has. They do a curate monthly list from Studio HC.
  2. One World: Together At Home. One of the very first COVID-19 concerts. It was truly awesome to see all these groups come together. They actually split this up into a playlist, so you get to go through each with a playall.
  3. Jersey 4 Jersey. Well I’ve always got a soft spot for the Garden State.
  4. Rich’s very own 2020 Playlist. I’ve been curated and cutting songs and every year there is another. Somehow I think this one

And if you just want to watch inline, YouTube makes that easy so here is Jersey 4 Jersey:

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And here is the Global Citizen One World Together at home which Lady Gaga put together:

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One World: Together at Home

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