A decoder ring for Trello and it’s mashup of teams, user name and boards

Every company seems to have a different way of thinking about users and groups and Trello (now part of Atlassian is no different). If you are using this, here are the key things to know:

  1. Github-like identities. It is much closer to github in that it prefers that a person have a unique identity. You can use it with a corporate id and a personal one, but if you have one id, you can see all your project in one place which is pretty nice. That means picking a good name for yourself is useful so being @richtong1 there is cool.
  2. Boards are sort of like Github repos. themselves have their own permission schemes. So when you create a board, you have to invite people to it. You can use email names to do this, but the most natural (like github, you have permissions for each board).
  3. Teams are a layer on top. Unlike the concept of a github organization, you can easily move boards between repos and the permissions don’t seem to cascade. So you can create things and move them if you are Board admin. This is nice if you are startup and start with personal junk and then move it to a real organization.

So the main question is when do you use say Github issues vs. Trello vs something heavier weight like Asana. Here is how I think about it:

  1. Github issues. This is for the code itself and it can really low level stuff. I know when I need a github thingy when I’m mainly in the command line typing away.
  2. Trello. This is for broad project goals, like shipping v1.2 or for things that you have to do that are not part of the code itself. I think of this as stuff I do in email etc.
  3. Asana. This is for the bigger projects to figure out when things ship. Hopefully, you don’t have too many of those.
  4. Jira. When the thing has a massive scale

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