Best CO Detectors, replacing Kidde CO and Smoke Alarms, Chopping Boards

Best CO Detectors, replacing Kidde CO and Smoke Alarms, Chopping Boards

Ok I’ve been busy so this is a combo post of all the questions I’ve been asked this week:

  1. Smoke Alarms. Our Kidde COSM-IBA finally started beeping. It wasn’t the battery, turns out that it will die seven years after being plugged in so you need a new one. I don’t know if this is force obsolescence or not, but this wired unit has a battery backup which is pretty cool. The main reason is that after seven years, the detector fails, so they force you to get an new one. This only starting happening after 2009, so if you have an older unit, it’s time to replace.
  2. We have a unit from 2002 (?!) and it has finally started to chirp. It is wired only with no battery backup, so it would theoretically fail during a power outage. You probably want one of these for your garage, pool heater and furnaces. Anywhere that is burning fossil fuels. The Kidde COPP-3 Knighthawk is a convenient one that you plug into the wall.

Finally, Calvin was asking about chopping blocks. As usual, Cook’s Illustrated is a great source. There are two choices really. A light plastic one if you are not worry about things slip sliding.

Or a big heavy wood one if you want a stable surface and a nice soft surface for your knives at the expense of weight.

  1. OXO Good Grips Utility Cutting Board. (Cooks Illustrated, subscription required) This is the classic small and plasti and easy to use. Only $17 or so from Amazon.
  2. Teakhaus Edgegrain. (Cooks Illustrated. Subscription required). This is a whopping $88, but it is edge grain which means it will last longer. It is huge and heavy so very stable.

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