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If you need something to distract you and you want to see what Dave calls “clinically correct” gun-fu, then here four great choices;

  1. Old Guard. This just came out on Netflix. Charlize Theron is like the female John Wick and it’s nice she’s been practicing so much. And it looks like they are ready for sequels. Nialle (kiki layne) is really super awesome too.
  2. John Wick. Ok the original is still the most incredible and since we got a 4K TV, I’m so excited to see it in UHD with Atmos sound and HDR10 color. This is one of those films where if you have the right TV, it makes sense to buy the Blu-ray UHD-66 version. The Red Square Club scene is incredible. Of course what made it great was real training at Taren Tactical.
  3. Act of Valor. Shows active-duty Team Guys (and sadly one of the leads died in a helicopter crash during the shoot) and while it is shot in HD only, this was one of the first films done only with Canon dSLRs. A miracle at the time.
  4. John Wick 2. Does a sequel get better? I don’t know but each one seems to. The scene in Italy is incredible.
  5. John Wick 3. Ok, the scene with Hallie Berry is incredible and this is one series where each film grosses more than next. Who would ever have thought Dog-fu would be a think.
  6. Atomic Blonde. Charlize in her first really bad ass role and unlike Keanu Reeves does seem to get hurt.

The original John Wick training

And Charlize is right behind him in real training

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