Making your MacBook a home station

Well there a few steps in this long COVID-19 isolation to make your MacBook Air a nice workstation. This has gotten much easier with the advent of USB C and televisions that works monitors, but here are all the pieces that you need:

I will put on tongfamily but does your computer have usb c. It’s a rounded oblong connector.

Samsung 32″ Monitor This is a top rated 32″ television that is 4K and functions as a nice monitor according to

Apple HDMI to USB C and yes there are many others out there that do this and it is expensive, but it is also reliable. I’ve tried quite a few of these dongle devices and they do seem a bit flaky.

Apple Magic Mouse Bluetooth mouse from Apple is expensive, but it kind of just works. This is rechargeable and seems to last forever.

Apple Magic Keyboard Bluetooth keyboard from Apple. Personally I find it a little hard to type on, but there is no denying the convenience and it seems to always just pair

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