What to do when Verizon fails you? T-Mobile Cellular Router or Wifi Hotspot

Well, if you are unlucky to be stuck during this COVID-19 pandemic without wifi, life is going to be pretty hard. What happens if you are back to school and your cable appointment blown. The only real solution after you use your tethering data on your phone is to look for what is called a cellular router. This has wifi on one side and then a cellular connection on the other. The best ones are according to wirecutter and tech radar (if you are in the UK0

  1. You really only need these if you blow through the 15GB cap or 22GB (T-mobile) when you hotspot your phone.
  2. Unlocked so they can use any sim.
  3. Support 4G speeds so you can get up to 1Gbps
  4. Have a battery so that you can use them on the road in demos and things
  5. Can stand the expense, these things are $65 for 20GB of access for example.

This is a pretty narrow category, but here are some choice:

  1. Verizon Mifi. well you could go back and use the Verizon router for $200
  2. Netgear M1100. They actually have a nice router that is available separately. That is expensive at $350, but I’ve used it and it works. It even let’s you add an antenna to it for better reception.

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