Keeping up with a sea of Machine Learning research

Wow, there is just so much going on in technology for Machine Learning from the devops of making it run to the new applications that are shipping to the core research. So how do you keep up? In the past, I’ve mainly used Medium and the Data Science posting plus TWIML as a podcast, but these are pretty limited so time to get organized, so here are some guidelines:

  1. Medium. Yes this does cost $50/year but the summaries are pretty good. They have just changed their application so it is way harder and less useful, fur the Towards Data Science is pretty awesome and some of the big groups post there too like AirBNB.
  2. Podcasts. In the old days when I drove way more than in this social isolation time,
  3. Feedly. The main work here is to figure out what feeds to listen too. This is
  4. Zotero. This is an open source application that let’s you track papers.

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