OMG Heart swells with pride, Grace choreographs a Tod’s Shoes commercial

Well, what a cool thing, even in pandemic/election times, Grace choreographs and performs in a commercial that is tribute to New York City for Tod’s Shoes. Got to love that! It’s part of their stories collection and is called “In Our Shoes”

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In Our Shoes Chapter 1: New York City, Grace choreographs!

Creative Directed and Presented by Grown Goods

Co Produced by Calixo Films and Giulia Beretta 

Directed by Jim Dylan

Cinematographer by Henry Dacosta 

Choreography by Grace Tong

Choreography Consulting by Xuly Williams

Fashion Assistant: Shelby Comroe 

Starring Gabriella Bechtel, Levi Dylan and Taylor Rosen

With dancing by Keon Hughes, Ilya Kutyrev, Sean Pfeiffer, Grace Tong, Garet Wierdsma, Zipporah Wilson

Filmed @casacipriani

(Definitely not loving Tod’s for making it nearly impossible to find the YouTube link directly, YouTube search is also horrible, you just get random ads instead of the manufacturers site and the video is actually unlisted!) But, it is cool and that is the cool thing about Safari Developer menus, you can inspect just about anything.

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