Creating a Washington State LLC

Well someone asked how to do this and I’ve done this so many times it’s a little silly. So while you can pay someone to do it or buy a package, it is actually pretty easy to do for yourself with some guides on the Internet like, but here are the rough steps:

  1. Pick a name, it must be unique and there is a database of names
  2. Appoint yourself as the agent for getting legal papers.
  3. File a certificate of formation which you can do online
  4. Create an LLC operating agreement, if it is a single member LLC, you can use a stock template which is very base like at
  5. Optionally, file with the IRS to get an employee identification number (EIN) if you want, you actually don’t need this is you are a one-member LLC. I normally get one in case the thing grows (besides it’s free) and is the way to get business discounts and things.
  6. Business license. you need to apply for one and there is a Business License Wizard. Hint to all, Kirkland WA for instance has a very low business tax but you need an address there.
  7. You may need to file a B&O tax if you make more than $12K and you have to register with the Department of Revenue
  8. Don’t be like me and forget to file an annual report every year. I keep forgetting this with our LLCs!

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