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Move to MacOS Big Sur and AVast and Google Chrome runaway apps and using Ecosia


Well, I've always been lucky in my moves between different versions of MacOS and this one has been really smooth. Just two issues that you should note:

  1. I've been using Avast Antivirus, it's been pretty reliably, but in the last month they've increased their annoy ware as they try to monetize their free versions. More importantly with Big Sur, they have a runaway application that is running constantly in the background at 100% CPU. So time to uninstall and find another anti-virus. If you have Comcast, there is the free Norton Antivirus, but the search continues. Uninstall is complicated, but it is in the main application page.
  2. Google Chrome has a process called "nehelper" that seems to runaway. I can't quite figure out what it is doing and search is no help, but closing the application makes it go away and a restart fixed it. I'm guessing it is some add-on that I have that is going crazy.
  3. Oh and then another aside, they a new default search engine called ecosia which contributes to new trees and they promise they are private too, so nice to give them a try over my usual duckduckgo or startpage.

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