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Beware! Comcast just added Datacaps back to the Gigabit Ethernet plan without notification and a $25/month exploding offer


Geez, can you like a company less than Comcast, I'm not sure how. Basically, they told me that the 1Gbps plan and that this included the $30/month unlimited data cap plan so that was a pretty good deal.

However, while this worked for a month and then they removed the cap and didn't tell anyone, so we would have been charged for overage without ANY notification.

Net, net time to go back to the lower plan and the $30 data limit. I had not realized they could just change things so dramatically without telling anyone, so beware.

The really smart thing is the $30/month unlimited data is now completely hidden, so they are likely to get their $10/10GB up to a $100/month overage charge on lots of customers. That will double their revenues very handily.

Plus the smartest thing is that they have a mandatory offer of free broadcast TV. You can't remove it, you have to call an 800 number to remove it and if you forget it is $10/month plus they have now had a mandatory $15/month charge for anything related to broadcast TV. This is a great way to do this particularly since they do not mention unless you ask how to cancel their so-called ChoiceTV. So make sure to call 1-800-934-6489 if you can forced into doing this

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