Reward cards and free delivery plus other pandemic perks decoder ring

Well with the pandemic, there really expensive rewards cards have had to figure out how to keep adding value. Here’s what they’ve come up with. The net is that you can get free delivery and lots of points just by ordering food. I don’t know if they are worth $450-500 but they are trying.

Amex platinum. This card is super expensive at $450 but the combination of $200 off of airline fees helps (if you travel but a big decision is whether to use the airline fee to pay for lounge access for next year in December). That’s $200 off of $400 but all the lounges are closed right FBR now. The next thing is $50 off of Saks purchase every six months. So now it’s down to $150. So the next is there Uber relationship. You get Ubereats free delivery plus credits of $15 each month ($20 in December) or $200 . Then there is $20 for WiFi bills and $20 for streaming so $320 if u started in Mat. And finally two 1 point on Amazon for up to $20 off three times this year. So u have to pay attention but it’s probably well on the plus side if uv been Uber eating. Oh and I forgot they add a year to any warranty. Uncertain value but it is something.

Chase Sapphire Reserve. The big thing here is $300 off an grocery store purchase so there is $150 left to cover as they rolled back their fee increase of $100. They have a doordash relationship so free delivery. And $60 for doordash credits annually for 2020 and 21. So less of a great deal but easier to use. Finally they give you Lyft pink which leads to free delivery in grub hub so kind of 2:1 and with the above you cover delivery services. Note that Lyft pink gives you 10% off your rides for $20 a month plus you get 10x points if you use chase. So net net 30% off but pretty useless in 2020.

So of the two premium cards, Amex if you pay attention is a great deal. Sapphire Reserve is probably worth keeping but all bets are off fir 2021 as we don’t know what they will do.

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