Way too expensive gizmo drooling

Ok, in the days of COVID, it seems strange that the march of high-tech, high-end and unaffordable gizmos keeps coming. But, an amazing number of companies are shipping some incredible products that are really pushing the boundaries. So this is like an issue of “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” plus “Lifestyles of the Rich […]

Cleaning your (yucky) WASD CODE keyboard, reassembling it and jonesing for a IBM Model M Keyboard

OK that’s a lot about keyboards once again. So this is all about cleaning your gunky keyboard. I’ve had a WASD CODE v2 mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX Blue keys forever. Ok, well since 2015. And both the shift key and the period key have been sticking. And, I confess, I’ve never actually cleaned the […]

Rich Tong on Windows to Mac, Voice Phishing, JAMStacks and Apple Watch

Here the latest from https://tongfamily.com including: Some more tips and tricks for moving from Windows to the Mac.  There are lots of differences, so here’s a decoder ring. Voice phishing. Hopefully you are not that person who answers the call and loses your bank account. here is what to do about it. Moving to JAMStack. […]

Making the Windows to Mac Transition Part Deux

Ok, the next raft of questions this week from my Windows-moving-to-Mac friends: How do you run incognito mode which is called Private Window. Well, on Windows, if you use Chrome, you actually have to edit the shortcut. Chrome makes this really hard, so you either have to create an Apple Script which is horrible or […]

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