Migrating from WordPress to Hugo, Netlify, Forestry and Themefisher Parsa Part One

Well this has been a higher and higher priority project. I’ve got a bunch of experience with WordPress, but keeping up a server is a lot of work and all those plugins. Alex turned me onto Hugo, a static site generator. It is super fast and most importantly, it just works out of a Git […]

Cable Modem High Latency with Zoom and VPN Login issues

OK, this is a strange bug that you need to watch out for. With all this work-from-home, I’ve had trouble on one machine getting onto our VPN. And while we’ve not had much trouble with Zoom and so forth. We are lucky to have 300Mbps/20Mbps upload with Comcast. However last night, suddenly Zoom really slowed […]

Argh Flaky Monitors ASUS PB278 Sync Saga continues

Well both our ASUS PB278s seems a bit flaky. No matter what I try I can’t get one of them to reliable turn on. It sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. I tried the HDMI connection and the DisplayPort and rebooting the Mac. When I change it for a Benq 32 it works fine. Both of […]

Notes for Windows user using a Mac Part 1

OK here are the crazy list of things that my three “Just in from Windows” friends, Mark, John and Dave are having. Hopefully both are loving that M1 MacBooks (yes, I’m jealous, trying to hold out for the next generation coming this year, but I don’t know!). So here are notes from the many phone […]

Google Chrome Dark Mode and Google Slides does not Play in Chrome or Safari

Argh two Google problems today. The first is really annoying, I downloaded an extension that would force Dark Mode on Chrome, but when I uninstalled it, the backgrounds were still DARK. Argh! I tried changing the Dark mode on the Mac and also changing the default Theme. It turns out that plug in actually turns […]

Of Superhuman of X and more keyboard shortcuts for vim like gx

Well, this is a truly nerdy post, but I just read that with Superhuman worth hundreds of millions, everyone is back to building the Superhuman of X keyboard shortcuts as the way to get common applications faster. I completely agree with that and those of us who have used vi forever sure know that is […]

Long Distance Tesla Travel in the Age of COVID

OK, suppose that you are too paranoid to get on an airplane and instead decide that any trip within 1,200 km of your home city are fair game for a road trip. What do you need to make the trip as safely as possible. Here are some notes 🙂 Safety Stuff: Of Snow tires and […]

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