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Making the Windows to Mac Transition Part Deux


Ok, the next raft of questions this week from my Windows-moving-to-Mac friends:

  1. How do you run incognito mode which is called Private Window. Well, on Windows, if you use Chrome, you actually have to edit the shortcut. Chrome makes this really hard, so you either have to create an Apple Script which is horrible or better yet, just switch to Safari and then in Safari ⇒ Preferences ⇒ General ⇒ Safari opens with: ⇒ A new Private Window.
  2. Where are all the desktop shortcuts? Every Windows user has a desktop that is littered with random shortcuts everywhere. While you can create this hot chocolate mess of an interface, could I suggest instead that you use the Dock at the bottom for just the applications that you need. The easy thing to do is to go down there, click and hold on an icon you don't need and drag up, it will remove it. Alternatively, if you right click, you can choose Remove from Dock. Then for the applications that you want, you can go to the Applications folder and drag an application down to the dock and move it around with a click and hold. If you absolutely must have a shortcut, these are call an Alias in the Mac world. Go to the Application and right click and choose Make Alias, and then drag that icon to the despot.

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