OMG what happens when you get voice phished

Just happened, they know your name, phone, address, your SSN and last four of your bank account and the call had a caller ID for your bank. And they call you repeatedly on your mobile phone. Argh! You have been Voice Phished! The problem is that VOIP you can easily fake the caller id, so you basically cannot believe any caller id ever.

Wow, hackers have gotten really good. If you do give them your full account number, they you should:

  1. If a bank does call you, then you need to ensure that it is the right but not calling or answering. It’s very unusual they would call over and over, so if they do block them and then call the 800# and see what is going on.
  2. Don’t trust the voice that you recognize, it is easy to deep fake any voice.
  3. Call the bank right away if you are the least bit suspicious.
  4. Close the account or at least remove all the money
  5. Freeze all your credit I mean freeze, don’t pay for the monitoring service (Equifax calls it a lock).
  6. Register for
  7. Turn on all credit notices on your bank and turn on the credit monitoring
  8. Make sure you have another bank as if one is hacked you can at least use the other.

And hope that you don’t have to change your SSN. Yikes!

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