Ugh, American Express Chat does not like Ad Blockers

Well, if you are smart, you are using Adblockers and anti-tracking technology. I find that even with Safari, and the Mac stuff, you still need more technology. I use Ghostery on Safari and uBlock Origin (and yes I’ve temporarily forgotten which one of the variants() I’m using on Chrome and Firefox. And also NordVPN which helps as well.

The problem is that some sites really do not like these blockers, here are some notes about what to do with the ones that annoy me:

  1. American Express Chat. Ok this is a weird one. The site works, but if you have Ad blocking on, it does not for Chrome, Firefox or Safari. I found the way to get the chat to work is to put it on the white list for GhosteryLitef or Safari and then turn remove it when you are done. One confusing thing here is that on the Mac, the adblocking is done in a standalone application and not in the browser, so find the GhosteryLite application and turn it off.
  2. Facebook. Not surprisingly, this site is filled with ad tracking and will not run with most of these blockers in place. I tend to only read Facebook for a short time. When I do it on my phone, I turn off NordVPN and then Privacy Pro read it, accept they are tracking then turn it all on again.
  3. Bank of America. This site really does not like to be accessed from NordVPN. So same drill here, they appear to block some of the NordVPN ports, so when I use this I turn that off. It does work ok with Ghostery and all the anti-tracking on though.
  4. Amazon. For a long time, NordVPN seemed to be on the blacklist, but lately, it does seem to work.
  5. Zoom. OK, I turn NordVPN off mainly because of the performance and latency issues.

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