Wrist Rest and Pads for Keyboards and current favorite Keyboards

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Wrist Rest and Pads for Keyboards and current favorite Keyboards

It just seems like I'm more and more sensitive to the position of my hands on a keyboard. I can't actually type in bed or lying down anymore. So I've learned to sit up. But I've also gotten a bunch of new keyboards and I haven't had a wrist rest or pad on them. In fact, I haven't bought one in the last four years. The ones I've used have been great.

They are basically memory foam from Grifiti Fat Wrist Pad, for a TKL or 87-key keyboard, the 14" x 4" is perfect and I find with mechanical keyboards, the 0.75" high is perfect. Also these may seem overpriced at $15, but I think that they do last forever and do not get dirty. I don't use one, but some people like the Mouse wrist pad too which is an 8" version. That's probably because I don't game that much and in any case, I'm mainly writing software.

I also have a Grifiti Fat Wrist Pad 12 x 4 x 0.75 for my really small 60% mechanical keyboard. It doesn't look as good as that keyboard is white, but it is very functional. These things are also well-liked by Fakespot.com which is comforting.

Now Amazon has these publishing deals now, so BGR has a review set for wrist pads, but I personally didn't find it too interesting. It looks more like they just toured the website and gave some alternatives, but you can always trust loud.google.com to have an opinion. They like the Gimars Memory Foam set. Personally, I find the roundish shape a little not pretty, but the memory foam is much softer than the dense foam of the Grifiti. It's a pretty awesome deal at $16 for both the mouse and wrist rest. They also like the Redragon with medium to soft firmness but I think in the end, they are all pretty functional. There are things with cooling gels and things that are soft, but I think a simple relatively hard foam works for me.

One aesthetic thing is that if you have a beautiful white keyboard from a great Mac selection by Wirecutter. I'm looking at you. These will work well with the wireless Keychron V2(still one of my favorites although it is so clicky with Gateron Blue keys it is not good for Zoom, so I've had to switch to silent keys for all my Zoom meetings like my old WASD Code V2 with Cherry Brown), but not my looks favorite the Varmilo VA87M Mac White with Cherry Brown), then you want a white wrist pad. Here, there are no white foam wristpads, but the ProElife Leather looks decent at 14.56" and 3x.27". I don't know if the white will look good after years, but it is worth a shot.

Finally, There is the JEDIA Keyboard Wrist plus Mouse for just $16. I almost had to get it to see whether you could get something for much less. Like the Grifiti, it is firm memory foam.

While we are at it, as the pandemic ends, I thought I'd give you my current review of favorite keyboards. I have to say there are really three criteria, the feel of the keys, whether or not it is wireless and how well does it work with Zoom (that is silentness):

  1. Feel of the keys: Anything with Cherry Blue (in this case my old WASD Code v2, but the white Varmilo VA87M Mac with Cherry Blue is the perfect one and a little smaller). Ok, I admit it, I'm still a Cherry Blue fan. The Gateron Blue in the Keychron v2 is decent. I'm about the try the old Bucking Spring keyboard made by Unicomp called the Mini M. Loud but awesome and expensive at $120 plus $20 shipping. Now one keyboard that has surprised me is the Qisan 68-key with Cherry MX Blue for just $60. it is small and illuminated. I'm not sure why I don't use it more.
  2. Zoom keyboard. Ok, this is a real thing, the clicky keys above, so right now my favorite keyboard is the Varmilo VA87M Mac, I got it with Cherry Brown which are quiet.
  3. Wireless keyboard. Well, for functionality, the Keychron v2 is definitely the best, but as a I said, it has Gateron keys which are just ok. I also have the Anne Pro 2 which is 60% keyboard with Gateron Brown, the main issue here is that the tradeoffs with this keyboard are pretty major, you really need arrow keys and it doesn't have them. But they are Double shot PBT keys and it looks nice.

So the search for the holy grail continues. Here's my ideal keyboard for typing:

  1. Wireless, Cherry Blue, 60% keyboard with arrow keys. The Qisan comes close except it is wired. The Keychron is wireless but has Gateron Blue. Right now I'd give it to the Keychron. Although I have to see if the Bucking Spring is really the answer for all day typing 🙂
  2. Then for Zoom, all the above, but Cherry Brown. Again, the Keychron is pretty close

And of course all this really just makes me want to buy an old IBM Selectric 🙂