Cool Tesla Model 3 Accessories

Well, if you have an older Tesla Model 3 from say the golden age of 2019, then there are some things that you have to get to keep up with the new Model 2021. Here’s a short list from two great vendors, Evannex and Abstract Ocean of things on top of the basics, I’ve mentioned before like Rear seat pet covers (even if you don’t have pets, it protects the seats when you pile on stuff back there), sunshades, snow chains, all weather floor mats. I like the Abstract ocean site in particular because it tells you up front what works on different model years.

Gorilla Wheel Lug nuts. If you are an idiot like me and lost a factory lug nut, then it’s not a bad time to do a decent upgrade from the two piece lug nut to the Gorillas that comes in Chrome for pre-2020 and Black for the chrome deleted Teslas 2021. They are one piece and nice, if expensive at $90 for 20.

Mud Flaps. Yes, you probably don’t need these, but they don’t increase air resistance and they keep rocks and things from dinging your car. They are now standard for places like Canada, not too expensive at $50 and they don’t need any drilling, you just use the fastener slots that are already there

Frunk Pneumatic lifts. This is an easy replacement of the pistons in the fronk. And like the newer models, when you click open, the frunk pops open. An easy thing to install as the pistons just pop out, but be careful that it doesn’t fall on you. It does make it hard to close (unlike the Model X, they don’t self close), but cool.

Trunk Pneumatic Lifts. (Abstract Ocean Strut Upgrade)The same thing for the trunk, so when you do that contactless pickup, the trunk just lifts up. It won’t close automatically, but at least you have half the battle won 🙂

Wheel bands. (Abstract Ocean has silver with red accents) I have a set and have never put them on mainly because the idea of gluing something to the wheels seems pretty awful, but these have red inlays so might look pretty cool if you have a model 3 performance with the red caliper brakes. The main idea here is that if you get curb rash, you destroy the little plastic things instead of having to pay $200 to get your wheels sanded and repainted.

Under Seat Air Vent Covers. Ok, this is really nerd pack stuff, but the vents are open and you can drop stuff down there, these are simple covers for them.

Screen protector (Abstract Ocean version)We have one, but I installed it crookedly, small price to pay to protect a $600 screen! The glass ones looks are really the ones to get, they look great.

Cup holder insert. (Abstract Ocean Stabilizer) OK, this is a small thing, but these have rubber at the top, so that smaller things don’t slosh around like smaller cans.

Glove box bumper. Another totally optional thing, but the Tesla glovebox if you stuff it full can mean that all your papers end up sliding out, this is a small lip that keeps all those oil change (that’s a joke, tesla doesn’t need an oil change 🙂 slips from sliding out everywhere.

Door control sticker. The early Model 3’s didn’t have anything to tell you how to open the doors, this is a small sticker that makes it obvious.

Sunroof Noise Reduction Kit. (Absolute Ocean version) version This makes a difference on some early Model 3 where there is a whistling noise, don’t buy it if you don’t have this problem, it’s a little piece of rubber tubing that fills the gap.

HEPA Filter. We haven’t replaced ours yet, but the new Model 3 comes with a better filter. For $99, you can get a perfectly cut one for older models.

Silicon Water Blade. Ok, if you don’t have enough car wash stuff, instead of a really loud leaf blower, this might work better, it’s a silicon blade that you use to wipe off the water.

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