More Jupyterlab Shortcuts

I sort of wish that the keyboard shortcuts of jupyter were more like Vi, but that is just me, here are some useful defaults from the standard “meta” editing, that is moving around cells, but not editing in them. Also the shortcuts listed are somewhat different at least for my Jupyter 3.0. You can modify these of course. And what I see if a little different and documented here as the standard ones are changed slightly with Jupyterlab-vim:

Command-πŸ…΅ Find in a cell and replace
Shift-Cmd-COpen the command palette for all command
πŸ…° + πŸ…Ό or O +MInsert a cell above and make it markdown to me O means open
πŸ…° or OInsert a cell above, the default is a code cell
πŸ†‡Cut selected cells
πŸ…Ώ or VPaste cells below, note that V also works which is more Mac-like
↑ + πŸ…Ώ or Shift-VPaste cells above that is a capital P
Y, YCopy selected cells
πŸ†‰ or UUndo cell deletion where Z is more Mac-like
πŸ…³, πŸ…³Delete cell (type πŸ…³ twice)
↑ + πŸ…ΉExtend selection down
↑ + πŸ…ΊExtend selection up
spaceSmooth scroll down (vs jump to next cell with πŸ…Ή)
↑ + spaceSmooth scroll up
↑ + πŸ…ΌIf only one cell then merge with cell below, else merge all selected and leave you in edit mode
πŸ†‚Save the file
Shift + ZRedo cell operation
Ctrl-YMove selected cells up
Ctrl-EMove selected cells down
Ctrl-Shift DashSplit a cell at the cursor (this is in code cells)
In a cell, this splits the cell at the cursor while in vim command mode
Ttoggles the headings collapse/uncollapse in jupyter mode
Left/Right ArrowCollapse and expand headings when at a markdown cell in jupyter mode
Current JupyterLab 3.0 Defaults with Jupiter-Vim, Collapsible_Headings

I’m mainly working on adding to fingertip memory sequences like am for adding markdown and then Ctrl-Y and Ctrl-E are useful for moving stuff as is Shift-M to merge cells selected with Shift-J and Shift-K. And also getting used to the D,D to delete and the P to copy but most of the time Ctrl-Y and Ctrl-E are going to be what I need

Also one oddity for a 65% keyboard like the MagicForce 68, three symbols share the same key, ESC, tilde and backquote. The way it works is a little strange. Just hitting that key will give you the Escape and note a tilde so to get a tilder, you need SHIFT-Escape and to back a backtick or backquote, you need FN-Escape.

The net is that it is probably easier to just use :q instead of remembering all this. It’s the same way that it’s easier to use CTRL-C instead of ESC when exiting vi. It’s reliable and doesn’t rely on the placement of the ESC key.

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