Starlink is pretty darn cool as is the Model S Plaid

Well, I can’t really figure out why I need a Tesla Model S Plaid or any 1,000 hp plus car that goes 0-60 in 1.99 seconds, but I sure do want one, if only because the idea of a carbon wrapped rotor spinning at 20,000 rpm to go 200 mph is such a cool idea. No gearing at all too. And it goes 390 miles on a single charge too!

Buot what the heck, isn’t nice that a 5-passenger family car can blow away the exotics as it did at Laguna Seca just last week.

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And if that isn’t enough coolness, there is Starlink, if you check out Starlink.ex you can see the satellites whizzing around overhead and see how they are communicating with the ground stations. There is limited coverage and there is a list, but pretty neat. Can’t wait to set ours up! If you haven’t heard of this, this is what SpaceX is doing with small satellites that are floating in low earth orbit to give every rural area great coverage

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