Obins AnnePro 2 and getting a tilde

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Obins AnnePro 2 and getting a tilde

OK, this is a little strange, but it really is a problem on the Obins AnnePro 2 if you use the tilde (~) key, the problem is that while there are some amazing things like a quick click of the right SHIFT key and FN1 and FN2 and Ctrl will give you the arrow keys which makes it usable.

To get to a 60% keyboard, one of the other hacks is that the ESC key also is the backtick or backquote key (`) and also the tilde (~) keys. However, you have to hit the sequence in a particular way to get it:

  1. To get the ESC key, this is the default and you just hit it.
  2. You will notice (on these very nice doubleshot PBT keys) that there are underneath the ESC key some hints. Basically, the character on the sdie is what you get when you hit the FN (aka FN1) key
  3. However, the ESC key has two characters and it is little confusing, what it means is that with the right character (the backtick or `). But how do you get the tilde?
  4. The answer is that you need to hold the right SHIFT key first and then hold the FN key and then press the ESC key, if you hit the FN key first, this does not work, probably because of the interaction with the arrow key overload).

So there you have it, if you want the tilde, you need to hit a very specific sequence:

  1. Hold down right SHIFT
  2. Then, hold down the FN (aka FN1 key)
  3. Finally press the ESC
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