American Express Rewards on and also trying Best Buy rewards

It is really hard to get any additional credits with or Best Buy for that matter, here’s one interesting hack:. The big issue is that with most rebate items there are lots of exclusions. Everything from electronics to anything well useful

  • American Express has a promotion with Rakuten. If you sign up and spend $25, you get 3,000 Membership Reward points (work about 2 cents so $60 worth).
  • Then on Rakuten, it’s a little complicated, but like cashbackmonitor,com, they have an ocean of sites. One of them is where they will give you 2% on accessories which is cool for things like the crazy expensive Magic Keyboard 2 for instance. So you get 2 MR points per $100 spent so more like a 4% reduction.
  • They also have in-store deals that are more complicated, you have to find them on your mobile Rakuten application and then link your card to the offer before you use it.

As an aside, Best Buy has their own rewards program that works well for television, you get 1-2% off using their rewards program. So not bad compared with no rewards from Amazon 🙂

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