Pork Shoulder Time now for more slow roasting

Well, time to get out that BBQ Guru and try another recipe, this time it is Pork Shoulder. Serious Eats recommends 250F degrees and an eight hour cook time, letting it rest for 15 minutes and then crisping the skin at 500F by rotating it every 5 minutes for 20.

If you want something more authentic, you can try the Barbecue Bible where you want wood smoke (you put chips into the fire) and you want it at 225F-275F (so similar to the above) with a target temperature of 195F. You want it well done, so that it can get pulled apart and is ultra tender.

As an aside, you can either use a brine it for 8-24 hours to make it moister, rub or even inject (I have not used my injector yet) the Pork Shoulder (aka Pork Butt, that’s from the way it looks not the place it comes from) with chicken stock, apple juice or if you have big injector with honey, olive oil or a spice paste.

So time to set the BBQ for 225F for a target 195F internal temperature and get it going for an entire day after a little injection practice

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