Argh: Another Unifi Factory Reset, beware Unifi Protect Playback hang and UA-Hub

Argh, one of the bad things about me is that I’m always pushing software. In this case, we’ve had such a good experience with Ubiquiti Unifi, that it’s now in four locations (going to six in my informal support network). Except for the Unifi OS v1.0.9 hang, the Network application (as they now call their […]

Homebridge Plugins: Tesla, Harmony, and Unifi Protect

Ok, I’ve been using this Homebridge extensions for a while and they have been actually pretty useful, there are whole variety of these and it confusing what is good or not, but here are the three that I use with some tips and tricks: It is confusing, but your homebridge goes into a location which […]

Strava vs. Training Peaks vs TrainerRoad

Strava. The social application for sharing your rides ($60/year) TrainingPeaks. Lots of graphs and charts like Training Stress Scores, TSS, as well as heart rate and power analysis and for communicating with e-coaches ($120/year) with extra fees for workouts TrainerRoad. For getting workouts ($190/year). Garmin Connect. This is actually a free cloud service, but it […]

More Bike stuff, the return of Speedplay Zero and a power meter is coming!

I was really sad when wahoo ate up Speedplay pedals in 2019. I’ve been using Speedplay X1 pedals for years. They are super lightweight lollipops with just 160 grams of mass and lots of float. But, it turns out wahoo has simplified them back in a new and improved (and expensive!) form. So you can […]

Apple Watch Series 3 not recording VO2 max and short battery life

OK, this has been super annoying, but the last time I got a VO2 max rating from my Apple Watch was a year ago. Despite doing the resets and everything, deleting the calibration data and then doing a 20 minute walk nothing worked. But sometimes the definition of insanity is trying it again, so off […]

Birthday Gifts of the Mundane: Vacuum Cleaner, Rice Cookers and Wine Glasses

You know you are growing up when you start asking for ordinary but necessary things. For instance, a great rice cooker or a good apartment vacuum cleaner is just what a Calvin could need. So, what are some high-quality, post-dorm-room things that you might hope to get? Vacuum Cleaners You can definitely spend a lot […]

Getting ready to ride outside again… of firmware updates and new fangled bike tubes

Ok, so I’m starting to ride outside (yikes!) again, I literally have forgotten how to ride a bicycle outside and more importantly, when you are on a trainer, there are a zillion little things that you need to do to get ready for the outside. Firmware updates galore Well, the first and crazy thing, is […]

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