Synology Remote Access

Wow this really works. I have to support a NAS in two remote locations. And like, Ubiquiti, Synology has a nice way of doing this.

However instead of a central server, they use an addressing scheme, so that if logon to QuickConnectID then it will do the equivalent of dyanmic DNS and get you to the actual machine.

Note, that unlike Ubiquiti, they don’t have any credentials, but it does mean that anyone on the Internet can use that service to attack your NAS, so make sure passwords are strong as I don’t see a way to do 2FA

And make sure you disable the default admin password.

Turns out that with the Synology DS212 is a nice way to get a RAID=1 system. But if you don’t have an M3 SSD screw, they will be loose and cause errors that you can get in a kit.

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