Latest American Express credit card tips

Man, this is a really fast moving world, but basically both Amex and Chase have been raising the prices of their premium cards a lot so you have to really keep base with the deals to make them worth it:

  1. Walmart+. You can get the monthly Walmart+ members costing $12.95/month for free with the Amex Platinum card. This means that you get free unlimited shipping at any order level like Amazon Prime but for free. I don’t order often from Walmart, but I’ll check now for things like electronic purchases.
  2. Peacock, Audible, (and NY Times or Sirius). You get up to $20/month when you use these services. This is actually a nice deal in that Audible gets you a free book a month if you sign up and charge to your Amex card, Peacock and NY Times as well. Since Audible Premium Plus is $15/month, Peacock is $5/month and the NY Times is $17/month although I’m on the intro $8/month, that’s a pretty good selection. Since we are intro, I would say that the best deal is Audible plus Peacock, even though we rarely watch Peacock content. So I would probably say that the $22.95/month for Audible which gives you two free books is the best value
  3. Uber. Don’t forget you get $15/month and $20 in December there so that’s a big savings.
  4. Travel Credit. And if you book directly with airlines, you get $200 for incidentals like an airline lounge and 5x points.
  5. Clear membership. They give you a free $179 Clear membership
  6. Saks. You get $50 every six months to spend at Sax
  7. Uber Eats Pass. They have a one year membership to Uber Eats but hopefully it will last longer than that. This has now become Uber One but you had to signup by January of last year.
  8. Rakuten. If you link your Amex account to Rakuten then you get Amex points for Rakuten things effectively doubling the value.

Anyway, these things definitely add up ($156+240+200+200+100) is roughly $800 which is pretty darn good. The Walmart thing I’m least sure about, but the others are things I would do anyway.

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