Tool storage boxes for trucks and garages

railing with variety of instruments for repair

Tool storage boxes for trucks and garages

For a long time, I’ve kept all my tools in various horrible places and they are stacked everywhere. I’ve always wanted a real pro tool cabinet where everything can be in one place. These things are super heavy if they are good, so it’s a good idea to get them locally and find a car that’s big enough to put them in (I really want my Cybertruck now!)

Garage Tool Advisor has some great advice and these are big and heavy so you need to find somewhere to put it.

1. Husky H52CH6TR9HD. This is just massive with 18 gauge steel and also the top chest can be removed for jobs on the go. It’s huge and tall at 585 pounds (wow!). You want this and at least it is at Home Depot so you can get it (although I don’t know how you will get it into your car 🙂 at $848 it's also quite an investment but man it would make the garage so neat.

2. Harbor Freight US General Series 2. This is a classic mechanics system that costs $500 and is available locally. It is much lower so you can use the top area for work if you like

3. Husky H45MWC9XD. This is only 46 inches and much lower so looks like the Harbor Freight. It is 21 gauge steel and doesn't have self-closing doors. It is an extra deep 24" so make sure you have room for it. It isn't available right now, but the Husky 45W-x24.5 9-Drawer with Hardwood top looks similar and is $400. Delivery is $79 so if you don't have a big car or truck that makes some sense. As the thing weights 200 pounds and is 50x29x34 high, so you need a pretty big car to carry it.

4. Husky HOTC56233BB2S. This is higher and is on rollers so convenient if you need to move it around. At Home Depot for $1.3K so expensive but nice. Note that Home Depot does delivery which is really nice for something this big. It even includes a light and is massive.

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